Superhero Scrubs Stamp Set is LIVE!

You guys! This stamp set has my heart. It has deep meaning to me. It needed to come to life in the hands of all the stampers! 

As a wife of an Emergency Room Physician, I have witnessed first hand the sacrifices healthcare workers have given to this country (and world) and they deserve a card from all of us. Hours at work, less time spent with families, isolation from families, countless hours spent wearing masks.... it's a lot. Here is a photo of my husband with his team last night in the ER (husband far left) :)

So I created this stamp set in hopes you all would support this effort in creating cards for healthcare workers nationwide. 

A portion of sales from each of these stamp sets will also go to help fund local COVID19 efforts. Specifically to a fund of hospital employees that are forced to cut back on hours and need essential items. 

I hope you all enjoy it and do something good today for someone else.



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  • That set is adorable!!
    Thinking of you during this time. Thanx to your hubby & staff for their dedication & love for there job & patients. ❤


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