Shiny Face - Design Team Mondays!


This face stencil is so pretty I knew immediately that I wanted to try to foil it on the extra shiny holographic cardstock. I love how it came out, but boy is it hard to take a decent picture of this shiny card.

I started out by using the Deco Foil Transfer gel with the stencil. I let it dry and then cut strips of deco foil for the various parts of the face. I used my MINC machine but a laminator will also work when working with the deco foil.


I gently peeled off the foil and was left with a beautiful and elegant face.


I loved this so much I didn't want to use a sentiment and will place one in the inside when its time to send it off. Love how quick it was to make such a pretty card and I will definitely be playing with this stencil some more.


Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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