May is intense.

Good morning, friends! I hope this day brings you much light and love. Beverly says good morning from Kansas! My husband and I just returned from our annual trip to Mexico. We spent a lot of quiet time together and played a lot of cards. We used to play a lot when we were first married and then - kids came along so we lost a lot of that alone time, so it was nice to pick that up again. 5 days at our favorite Mexico resort, just north of Cancun in Playa Mujeres, is just what we needed to take a long breather from life. This was us on the catamaran over to Isla Mujeres. One of my favorite places on earth! Definitely a must visit. As soon as we returned home, I went to the barn to tend to the chickens and immediately bear high pitched squeels and cries. Yup, baby kittens. No time to snuggle, we were off to the dance recital. The end of the school year and beginning of summer is in full swing. Auditions, start of t ball practice, summer camp registrations and lots of end of school events - commencement, talent show, bike rodeos..... Phew. Rethinking why we decided to go to Mexico BEFORE the start of summer?! Haha. I know many of you are anxiously awaiting my next stamp release. And I promise, it is coming! But for now, I must go do the laundry. #momlife What are everyone's summer plans? Is this a busy season for you? My craft room hasn't seen me in a few months.... Hope you get some "you" time! Erin

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