It's been a year.

The last time I blogged here was literally when I was in India. That was January 2017. A lot has changed. A whole lot. 1. I homeschooled Dakota's 4th grade year. It was a wild ride and super fun. We had our challenges, no doubt, and a LOT of crazy looks ("you HOMESCHOOL?"), but we finished together and made it through still loving each other. It was so fun being home with her all year, she was quite the little sidekick. We learned a ton. Yesterday, she started 5th grade, in an entirely new school in an entirely new state. Which brings me to number #2.... 2. We moved 500 miles away from Dallas to Lawrence, Kansas. Why, you ask? Because Kansas is our home. Dakota was actually born here and my husband and I were both raised here, it's true. Lawrence is home to the Kansas Jayhawks, the University of Kansas which happens to be the best college in the entire nation. (Because I attended college here.) 3. We bought a house in Lawrence, Kansas on 8.6 acres of land complete with a barn. So I guess you could call me a farm girl now. We have 10 chickens, I mow the grass on a huge mower, and I am faced with wayyyyy dirtier children and bugs now than ever before. I have grand hopes of filling that barn with a Highland cow and maybe a few donkeys. Who knows what else? I love it. It's really my happy place, being outside with my family and animals. 4. After the move, I have sort of found a new me. A shift in thinking, perhaps? I am no longer obsessed with what I'm wearing or what kind of car I drive. The Dallas rat race got pretty old and tiredsome. My husband and I knew that it wasn't for our family. I'm focusing on my family, my children and raising them more like I was raised. Playing outside, less technology, more home cooked meals, a slower pace and more LOVE. It's pretty awesome so far. In the meantime, I'm working on finding myself and what I like to do, too. Raising 3 babies sort of becomes your life when you put all your time and energy into them. But I've realized I'm important too. My happiness should be a priority too! Finding my passion, and a purpose in my life. More on that to come...
5. I've seriously missed crafting! Crafting used to be my stress release. My joy. But then I got super busy. I was trying to run a clothing business (and did fairly well at it, I must say and am proud of my accomplishment there but I am sooooo done with that), homeschool a child, and run here and there and everywhere with two toddlers and a 10 year old and it sort of just fell to the waist side. But I really MISSED it. I missed sitting down during nap time or late night spending some quiet time to be creative and make art. Try new things. Look at my accomplishments and feel good about my creativity. So when I moved, I created a space I was happier in and that was more advantageous for me to work in. My craft room is now attached to my bedroom and it's just....easier now. It's cozy, quaint and I love it. But most of all, I missed my crafty friends and the crafting community. So, here I am again! Waving hello and telling you I missed you.
I have been posting a lot of my projects (along with my life) on my Instagram page, but I am going to be posting here a lot more regularly too. Because I love to write and I have much more to share, including my craft projects! So, until next time. Which will be much sooner than the last.... xo


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