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Growing in Unity Day #2: unique you.

Sometimes, you have to take a step back from your craft table and take a journey back to the beginning. Why did you start crafting? What feelings did it bring about? What is the biggest reasons you do it? I guarantee you it's not to be "seen". It's not so you can get on a big manufacturer design team. Pretty sure, if you are anything like me, you do it because it makes you feel alive, it awakens your creative spirit, your creations brighten someone's day and all that other zen-like stuff. Am I right?

We paper crafters {I'm lump summing us together} get so wrapped up in being published, getting on design teams, who's who, company rosters and all all that hub-bub, that we sometimes forget to just craft. Just be us. Do it because we love to do it. Design what we like, for us. Make something special for someone special to us, and not worry about who's paper you are using and what ink you're stamping with. No molds.

It's important to me to do this every once in a while. To sit down, and just create something that's "you". Not to fit into some category or challenge or company. Just do you. Unique you. Maybe this is why I don't really have a typical style to my name. I do a lot of different stuff, because I'm just that way.

So my card today I created without limits or boundaries or requirements or mandates. I used the paper that made me happy, the stamps that awakened my creativity and whatever else I felt like adding. It's all part of the creative growth process, right?

Enough rambling, onto my card. {I'm impressed if you're made it this far!}
On this card, I used Glitz Design paper (LOVE all their papers because they fit my personality) and Angie Girl from Unity. LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl and the girl behind the stamp is equally amazing. I decided to make her skirt out of torn paper. Tearing just right is more difficult than it looks, yes!??!

The letter stickers are from Glitz and the wood word is from Freckled Fawn. OH and how can I forget my FAVORITE embellie to use right now...My Mind's Eye Enamel Dots. LOVE these little guys!

Thanks for jumping into my brain today and listening to me ramble :) See you tomorrow for more Unity stamping fun!

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