Finally! May I Present My NEW Craft Room!

Finally... I took pictures of the transformation...from start to finish!

The very beginning. What a perfectly boring room with LOTS of potential.
My inspiration board I put together. As a graphic designer, I'm a very visual person, can you tell? ;)
First, I recruited the FINEST paint help in all the land - my daddy! He is a great painter, and very reasonably priced ;) This was the most important part.
Step 2: Purchase important and impacting art. I bought this Marilyn piece online. It was the perfect fit for my retro teal / red theme!
I was really set on an island. It was a must in this new space. I bought this desk from Ikea. It was really reasonable and I LOVED the red table top! I might get sick of it, but this room is supposed to be fun. So, fun I went.
But something was missing. I literally lost sleep that night over this "island". It looked like a table floating in the center of the room. Well, it was. So what did I do the next day? Made trip #2 to Ikea to purchase second table. My husband was really excited about this. Can you sense my sarcasm over the internet? Maybe this picture will answer that.
MUCH BETTER! Operation Island Success.
Next, I bought some random items. Like this shoe rack.
It turned into this. Pure genius if you ask me! Unity Stamp Company storage. For my ever-growing addiction.
Button storage:
Ink storage:
Paper storage:
Eventually, I found a home for allllllllllllll this.
And turned it into this! My perfect little crafty heaven.

Thanks for joining me on a tour of my new creative space! I still have a bit of work to do (hence no pictures of the closet) but that's part of the fun of collecting craft stuff...organizing it on a continuous basis!

I would like to thank my dad, my husband andddddd Ikea for this room :)


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  • looks great hope you still have fun filling the rest of your space. Try Tuesday Morning they have great stuff at great prices.


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