Craft Room Organization Project {die storage}

So for the past week or so, I've been having a freak out about my die storage...or should I say lack there of? Currently, I had dies pretty much everywhere. The ones that match my stamp sets were in the stamp packages in the fridge bin, but others were just throw in there randomly and the rest were in a wicker box in my closet. 80% of my Spellbinders had fallen out of the CD cases and were a tangled, jumbled mess at the bottom of the box. HUGE. MESS. I didn't even know what I had anymore!

So after some browsing on Google and Pinterest and discussion with some crafty friends, I decided on a solution that was going to work best for me. My biggest thing I wanted was to be able to SEE all my dies so I knew what I had and could easily grab them to use them.

Off to Staples to buy these supplies for only $40. Magnet paper sheets and Command poster stickers (that will easily come off when I want them to - added bonus!)
I got started on my closet doors. Some may think I am crazy for doing this on the OUTSIDE of the door, but again, I wanted easy access and visibility was key. These sheets were 8.5 x 11 which was almost perfect for the panels on the closet doors, I had to cut 1/4" off to make them 8 1/4". I traced the arch on top and cut the magnet paper out to match. I then adhered the Command strips liberally so they would stay put.
Once I got all the sheets up, I put my sweet helper to work. She LOVES to organize so this was right up her alley! She had so much fun with this. Love it. We arranged them together and figured out what would be best, and ended up with THIS!
I can't express to you how much I love how this turned out. It's perfect for me. Other than the fact I may need to do a Spellbinders purge because I'm almost full up....

The nice thing about this is I can do the exact same to the inside of the doors if I wanted to as my collection grows, which we all know will most likely happen.

p.s. I decided to keep my dies that matched my stamp sets in my stamp storage bags in the fridge bins so they could stay together.

I hope you enjoyed my little organization project for the day! xoxo

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