Look On the Bright Side Kit Release + Blog Hop

Good morning, everyone! Happy Tuesday and Happy September!

I can't believe we are saying goodbye to August and hello to September. I'm just not quite ready to give up summer just yet. What about you all? I was thinking the other day, this year is just so different. So many changes and life has been just...different. 

But here I am, still loving this stamp company business. I feel as though I still have a strong purpose in all of this. Creating products that help crafters feel at peace in their crafting in this crazy world. 

And so this follow up rainbow kit was born....Look On The Bright Side.

The first rainbow kit, The Somewhere Kit, was a huge hit. I had no idea back in April it would take off with such a huge impact. After the dust settled, it was almost as if there were never going to be enough rainbows, so I began working on more and more and MORE rainbows! This kit follows the same theme as the original, so it coordinates really nicely with the original kit and is the perfect "add on" kit to the original, hence the smaller kit / smaller price point.

I hope you love it. It's really meant to be an encouraging and uplifting kit.

We rise by lifting others.

Every day is a new beginning.

Look on the bright side. 

All so relevant right now in this crazy world. 

I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I did creating it. It's always my goal to see everyone creating beautiful cards in their craft room, an escape from reality and a bit of calm in their crazy lives. 

Oh! And don't forget the amazing 6x8 Rainbow Alpha Stamp Set, it's soooo very fun to play with! 

Here is my card today. I kept it really simple today, with a pop of neon. White on white, but you all know I couldn't just leave it simple white ;)

I hope you will also enjoy the hop inspiration today! We are giving away an entire kit to one lucky commenter along the hop way! So be sure to leave comments for your chances to win a kit. 

Here is the hop order: 

Erin Lee Creative Blog - https://erinleecreative.com

Amy - http://stamp-n-paradise.blogspot.com/

Ceal - https://simplybeautifulcreations.blogspot.com

Eva - https://stampsmore.blogspot.com

Lynnea - https://www.lynneahollendonner.com

Jennifer - https://stampinonthefly.com

Cheryl - https://insteadoflaundry.blogspot.com

Michelle - Http://michellescreativejourney.blogspot.com

 Thanks for stopping by today! Sending you all the rainbows today, and everyday! 



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  • KCqHoIreZ

  • Wonderful addition to the previous kit. Nice to have more coordinating images.


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